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City Parks

Via the City of Santa Clarita website: "[Santa Clarita] offers a variety of parks and facilities to suit your needs. Most facilities are conveniently located in city parks and are easy to find."  There are MANY parks, but below are some of our favorite parks to visit, in alphabetical order, no specific rank.

PLEASE NOTE: All Santa Clarita Parks require your dogs on leash at all times. Any choice to take off your dog's leash increases the risk of danger to yourself, your pet, as well as other people and their pets, it is advised to avoid "off-leash" time as it is breaking a city law and a citation can be issued.

Chesebrough Park - 23505 Sunset Hills Drive, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Chesebrough is a little gem of a park just before Copper Hill. It has one softball field, a children's playground, picnic tables and a small walking trail around most of the park. Most days this park is a very quiet, mellow place to take your dogs to enjoy some wide open space to run freely and relax.

*Click on the address for directions.

Mountain View Park - Seco Canyon Rd, Santa Clarita, CA 91390

Mountain view is typically quiet being tucked away in a residential area. This park has two areas, a smaller one on the right side of Seco and a larger one on the left. There are playgrounds on each side as well as a nice set of small walking trails. There is plenty of shade as tall trees cover good sections of the park. There are picnic tables as well. You will find friendly neighbors and their dogs out regularly, which is always a nice bonus for your pups.*Click on the address for directions

Summit Park - 26147 McBean Pkwy, Santa Clarita, CA 91355

Summit usually has a steady flow of visitors coming and going, you'll often find many dog owners here as the back of the park offers a small set of cement trails that are great short hikes for any dog. The park also offers tennis courts, picnic tables, a playground and two large grass areas dogs can run and play in, one, in the middle, football field sized, and a longer, narrower stretch where there is also a walking and bike path.*Click on the address for directions

Valencia Central Valley Park - 23670 Carrizo Dr, Santa Clarita, California

Valencia Central Valley Park is great to visit as it is usually pretty active. Being right next to a school, and surrounded by homes, you find a mix of people playing basketball, the playground, picnic tables in the shade, and folks passing by on the Valencia Paseo System. There is a good amount of open space for your dogs to run as well. *Click on the address for directions