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Doggy Duty US

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our frequently asked questions. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone at 661.418.7595.

Q. Is DDUS licensed, bonded and insured?

A. Yes, yes and yes. We are licensed with state of California. We have Liability Insurance and Bonding through Pet Sitters Associates. For more information please contact us.

Q. What does DDUS In-House Pet Sitting & Overnight Care include?

A. In-house pet sitting means that we come to your home to provide pet sitting and home services – such as: a typical 30-minute visit. We also offer in-house Overnight Care, from 10pm to 6am, where we will stay in your home proving love and care for your pets and tending to your house needs also (get mail, lights, trash and plants if you like.)

Q. What does DDUS Dog Walking  include?

A. We come to your home to provide dog walking services, which are typically 30 or 60 minute visits. Our walking  services are customized to meet your dog(s) specific needs such as: walk for socialization, exercise for weight control, work-out "bad behavior", etc.

Q. What does DDUS Pet Waste Removal include?

A. We come to your home and provide pet waste removal; we clean the yard for your dogs, litter boxes for your cats and cages for your birds and other animals.

Q. What does DDUS Pet Transportation include?

A. We come to your home and provide transportation for your pets for any reason. Dogs are kept on leash entire time for safety and loaded into a dog travel bed. Cats, birds and other pets are secured into their travel carrier and placed safely into the vehicle.

Q. Is Doggy Duty US strictly dogs?

A. Absolutely not. Don't let our name fool you, we have specialized training, experience and expertise in loving and caring for birds, cats, dogs and fish. Of course, we also care for a variety of other household pets on request such as: rabbits, mice, rats, guinea pigs, turtles, frogs and more just ask us.

Q. How many staff does DDUS have coming to my home?

A. Doggy Duty US always assigns a lead and secondary pet sitter for all clients to meet and greet. We do this to ensure the most flexible and encompassing level of pet care possible. Each time a series of service is requested, we do our best to schedule only one of the pet sitters to allow for the most consistent and excellent level of professional service. Our first goal is the safety and security of our clients, pets and property.

Q. Does DDUS walk my dogs with any others?

A. Typically, no. The most important part of our professional service to clients besides loving and caring for their pets is to always ensure the safety and security of the client, pet and property. We will only walk dogs from the same family or household by default unless a client asks otherwise or in cases where training requires additional dog exposure.

Q. What does DDUS mean by 'safety' first walking techniques?

A. Doggy Duty US prides ourselves on our excellent walking history without a serious incident ever. This is why you hire a professional, we can never 100% guarantee safety, but we can take several reasonable measures to avoid many undue risks. Some methods we implement when walking our dogs to help ensure avoidance of issues: 

+ knowing our pets' behaviors and personalities very well

+ always keeping our attention focused on your dog(s)

+ implementing regular voice communication, we teach your dogs to know our voices and love them in the good times, so when its stressful they trust our commands

+ 360 degree awareness to avoid surprises

+ attempting keep our dogs at least 2 leash lengths away from other dogs whenever possible

+ cross streets/change walking route if necessary to increase distance between dogs starting to "excite" each other

Q. Does DDUS have boarding & day care services?

A. Doggy Duty US does offer limited boarding & day care services. We will only be boarding or providing day care for a very limited number of dogs or cats, all of whom must be prior Doggy Duty US clients via pet sitting, walking, training, etc. This will allow us to achieve the absolute highest standards of quality bonded care with your pets while still meeting the best safety and security standards in the industry.

Q. How far in advance should I make reservations?

A. We generally ask for 24 hour notice for all pet-sitting and dog walking services. We appreciate a 5-7 day notice for private boarding but will certainly accommodate service sooner if possible. Reservations are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis unless medical attention is required. This may take priority over other scheduled services.

Q. Do you give medication to pets?

A. Yes, we currently administer medications in all forms; shots, subcutaneous injections, pills and drops. We will not give medication to any pet that poses any danger to itself or our staff. 

Q. What if my pet is injured or property is damaged?

A. Doggy Duty US is committed to offering the highest levels of quality and protection for your pet and property. However, DDUS is only responsible for claims arising from negligence or willful misconduct. Because animals can be very unpredictable, we cannot accept liability for unusual accidents (i.e., bitings, wetting furniture, furniture damage, etc.). Also, if your pets have regular access to the outside, we cannot be held responsible for injury, disappearance, or fines as this may happen when we are not attending to them personally.

Q. How do I pay and when?

A. We accept cash, check and all major credit cards. Credit card information is stored safely on secured Quickbooks server. All services require full payment in advance of or at time of service. Billing is available for well-established customers.