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Doggy Duty US

Santa Clarita Valley's Professional Pet Sitting 
& Dog Obedience Training

In-Home Overnight Care


Whether you're away for business, holidays or vacation, we are your pets parents while you're gone. We provide them all of the love, affection and care they need so you & your pet can have peace of mind. This is perfect for any pets who are seniors, on medications, or families with several pets. We tend to your home as well. Overnight care is from 8pm - 8am.

Amenities Included:

  • Unlimited # of pets included
  • Greet & Treat (provide healthy snack)
  • Give Plenty of Love & Rubs (as much per pet)
  • Administer Medications (pills, drops, shots, subcutaneous)
  • Clean yard, litter box or cage
  • Walks or Yard Play Time included
  • Clean messes (pet accidents or damaged/ruined toys)
  • Empty Inside Trashes & Perform Weekly Trash Bin Service
  • Water Plants, Turn On/Off Patio Lights, Adjust Blinds
  • Additional Client Specific Requests
  • $120 for 12 hours (8pm to 8am)
  • $0.50 per mile for any overnight care outside SCV